Why should I use a mortgage broker?

24 Dec Why should I use a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker should be used because of the product availability that they have. They can be your one stop shop for all of your home financing needs. They work with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of different banks and lenders to find the program that is right for you. A mortgage broker, also called a loan officer, can generally assist with all credit types, all income types and all available loan programs types. Having one person or team of people taking care of and familiarizing themselves with all of your financial needs and your specific situation is much more beneficial than utilizing someone to buy your home, then someone else to refinance your home and then someone new to obtain a home equity line of credit. A mortgage broker should be your trusted advisor, an excellent source of information and a link to finding other qualified and trustworthy referral partners such as realtors, homeowners insurance agents, home improvement contractors, etc… Use of a mortgage broker obviously has tons of benefits. Over 75% of all mortgages originated over the past couple of years have been handled by mortgage brokers.

Mortgage lending is not like it was twenty or even ten years ago. Lenders have split up into niches. Will the bank that you apply at cater to your niche? Maybe or maybe not. Wouldn’t it be better to apply with a full service mortgage broker who can find the bank or lender that has the best program and rates for your situation?

Your mortgage broker can provide you with many more options than a banker in most cases. Having access to all types of banks gives brokers more options. While a banker has to do business based on their specific bank rules.

A mortgage broker has to disclose the amount of money that they are making in Yield Spread Premium (also called rebate). Bankers do not have to do this. Would you like to know how much your mortgage professional is making off of your loan, or would you like to be left in the dark?

Using a mortgage broker gives you flexibility in regards to how you can have your mortgage structured. A mortgage broker is no different than a banker in the terms of providing a service, however the difference is what service they can be provided. To go into your local bank and apply for a loan will generally cause you to miss out on some value added programs that are not available to you through that banks product line. The overall time of closing is no different with a broker or a banker, and there is not an approval advantage with going with a bank, and can most times go quicker and smoother with a broker. There are many lenders out there that do not lend directly to the general public and that is where a broker can help you find those programs and terms that will benefit you most.

Accessibility is another important feature of brokers. You will usually have access to your loan officer outside the normal business hours.

Using a mortgage broker can also be a wise decision when you are worried about credit issues. Your mortgage professional will be able to review your credit report with you and provide some helpful tips to clean up issues or refer you to a trusted credit repair company. Banks generally do not offer this type of service and are more apt to deny your application then help to get you approved.

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